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“The Western woman will change the world.” - Dalai Lama

Darling Divine Woman, There is only one thing that stands between you and your fulfilling your Life Purpose. It is not found in reading another eleven books or enrolling in another eleven courses. It happens when you start owning who you are, clearing your karma and building your dream with a strategic foundation.

As a Soul Purpose Business Strategist, my mission is to empower women to discover what their Soul Mission is and to help create their empire.

Find your self-worth. Know exactly where you belong by discovering your SOUL’s calling.

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You were born a leader. It’s time for you to step into your power QUEEN. Be your own leader.

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  • Katherine

    I am in LOOOVE with you Hanah

    I have been meaning to tell you...after your healing and coaching call last weekend I implemented your advice and miraculously everything shifted in my relationship with my SOULMATE and we have been in so much harmony since.

    The Universe blessed you with a crazy strong gift with helping you align SOULMATES and also coaching along when roadblocks show up!!!

    Thank you so much Hanah.


  • Katie Christie

    I'm so grateful for Hanah's deep healing ascension sessions. I have had ongoing sessions with Hanah and I originally mentioned to her that that I had a very strong desire to align and connect with my soulmate and she truly helped me so much in bringing up and releasing all of the resistance that was in my unconscious mind that was making me have resistance to bringing the walls down and releasing blockages that I was not fully aware of.

    After all the clearings and energy work that Hanah guided me through I am happy to say I have now met my soulmate through with the help of Her deep ascension coaching program and her intensive one day retreat. I am so happy now to be with my love, so in LOVE.

    It is truly so amazing and the exact feeling she helped me cultivate.

    All of the work we did on the blocks and traumas from this life and past lives, really has brought things to light allowing me to heal, release and let go of fears to finding love.

    I was able to also have deep honest conversations with my partner to clear a harmonious path between my partner and I where in the past I would be afraid to communicate my needs.

    I am so grateful for to be with my soulmate now and I am forever grateful for Hanah's support in this process.

    Her coaching sessions are pure BLISS!

  • Siddharth P Jani

    Dear Hanah / Angel

    Hanah your readings were very clear and accurate. I am one hundred percent satisfied and very happy with the way you coached me and guided my career path.

    Hanah gave me clarity on my true Life Purpose and she was also able to tell me where my blockages are. My body were holding me back in particular, which in my case was my solar plexus chakra and without even telling her she knew exactly what was blocked. She is amazing and absolutely right as this was confirmed to me prior by another healer.

    Hanah mentioned that I would be a great healer and recommend that I can learn certain healing modalities such as reiki to help me balance my chakras and energy system so I can be more in alignment in my own energy field.

    I am very thankful for your help and spiritual guidance. I really value and appreciate your time and beautiful energy.

  • Monika Jain

    Hello dear Souls,

    I wanted to share my experience that I had with Hanah on her complimentary Angel / Tarot card readings that she had happening in her Facebook live 2 weeks ago.

    I am extremely impressed with her accurate Intuitive readings and energy work as she was able to tune into my energy field and tell me what chakra was totally out of alignment.

    Hanah provided me with in-depth knowledge and accurate information that it started to give me goose bumps. She didn't know anything about me or what was happening in my life at that very moment.

    Hanah is an absolute beautiful soul inside out.

    I look forward to have a private session with her so I can receive the clarity, guidance and energy healing with her.

    If you are seeking accurate guidance and are seeking to manage any area in your life I highly recommend her.

    The Universe I strongly believe provided me with the answers I needed and I am certain it will send you the guidance that you seek through her.


  • Cherene R

    Hanah!!! Thank you so much for your assistance on this long and winding path of ascension that I am on. The Soul Healings that you’ve provided to me have nourished my entire being from within. I literally feel the light within me glowing!

    The Soul Healings feels like nourishment after starvation to my soul. I feel the genuine love and appreciation from my soul to yours (and even my soul wanting to reconnect with you at other times).

    After seeing you Hanah and being in your presence of high vibrational energy on many occasions I feel empowered, excited, full of gratitude, and more confident and connected to my inner being than ever before - like a spiritual boost!

    I now have clearer communication with my higher heart and can feel when this part of me (my soul/higher heart) is ignited with bliss and happiness or in need of something - separately from my physical being.

    This was not something that I could decipher prior to your soul healings. You are truly a blessing. I am so grateful to have met you and have you share your gifts of healing with me.

    I am so grateful for you.

    Thank you so much.

  • Alexandra Larouche

    Last year was the worst year of my life... or well thought it was. I went through a terrible break up after 5 years of being with at the time my boyfriend on and off.

    The journey was so painful and I felt like I had no life in me as the pain consumed me. My heart felt dead.

    Hanah came in my life at a time where I could no longer keep take the pain.

    Although I was in denial my soul knew it was time to allow LOVE that I so deserved in my life.

    After working with Hanah she helped me manifest my true LOVE in to my physical reality something that I thought would never happen. Hanah shifted my energy and helped me discover a deep part of my self-love journey that I had long abandoned.

    Things began moving exponentially within weeks and now I am happy to say I found the love of my life.

    My love, my best friend, the person that feels like where have you been my entire life. Finally he is here. No words can describe my gratitude.

    Thank you so much Hanah for allowing miracles to unfold in my life when I had given up hope.

    This would have not been possible without you. I am so happy and so in LOVE.

Soul Purpose Activator & Business Ascension Strategist