Allow your True Love Story To Begin...

Let me start of by welcoming you into the Love Vortex!  

It is an absolute pleasure to meet you!

Hi my name is Hanah Ahmed and I am your Love Manifesting coach who specializes in helping wildly successful women meet their one and only true love.


Queen it is absolutely fine to receive a man’s LOVE 

There is no need to lower your standards by accepting crumbs from men 

Start getting exactly what you want in a life partner 

In your relationship without settling 

I have helped many of my clients find true lasting love that have led to marriages 

I have helped 

Intelligent gorgeous women who were in a relationship and were unable to be in a committed relationship have the men commit to a serious relationship 

Women who were meeting emotionally unavailable men over and over again meet men who are magnetically attracted to her instantly 

Women are often operating in both the Feminine and Masculine energy which is needed to have a successful relationship that lasts but you also need to know the exact balance that will draw him in even more to you and ignite the passion in his heart and yearn for you.

Only you…

If you are ready to shift your energy and to learn how to let go of old limiting beliefs that hinder your LOVE life

If you are ready to let go of self-sabotaging habits that keep you safe and end a relationship before it begins 

If you are ready to call in your Soulmate, then I invite you to book a heart-to-heart complimentary call with me where we can see if we are a great match to work together as I help you on this sacred journey

This too is possible for you Queen

Book your complimentary heart to heart chat.



You are welcome to book a complimentary consultation call with my team, to discuss alternatives on how we can support you in manifesting your ultimate LOVE.


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