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Hanah Ahmed
Motivational Speaker & Transformational Coach based in Mississauga, Ontario

If you want to free yourself from struggle and expand to your Soul Purpose business, then you must change your beliefs that hold you back.

Read what my happy clients have said about my process and workshops.

  • Katherine

    I am in LOOOVE with you Hanah

    I have been meaning to tell you...after your healing and coaching call last weekend I implemented your advice and miraculously everything shifted in my relationship with my SOULMATE and we have been in so much harmony since.

    The Universe blessed you with a crazy strong gift with helping you align SOULMATES and also coaching along when roadblocks show up!!!

    Thank you so much Hanah.


  • Katie Christie

    I'm so grateful for Hanah's deep healing ascension sessions. I have had ongoing sessions with Hanah and I originally mentioned to her that that I had a very strong desire to align and connect with my soulmate and she truly helped me so much in bringing up and releasing all of the resistance that was in my unconscious mind that was making me have resistance to bringing the walls down and releasing blockages that I was not fully aware of.

    After all the clearings and energy work that Hanah guided me through I am happy to say I have now met my soulmate through with the help of Her deep ascension coaching program and her intensive one day retreat. I am so happy now to be with my love, so in LOVE.

    It is truly so amazing and the exact feeling she helped me cultivate.

    All of the work we did on the blocks and traumas from this life and past lives, really has brought things to light allowing me to heal, release and let go of fears to finding love.

    I was able to also have deep honest conversations with my partner to clear a harmonious path between my partner and I where in the past I would be afraid to communicate my needs.

    I am so grateful for to be with my soulmate now and I am forever grateful for Hanah's support in this process.

    Her coaching sessions are pure BLISS!

  • Siddharth P Jani

    Dear Hanah / Angel

    Hanah your readings were very clear and accurate. I am one hundred percent satisfied and very happy with the way you coached me and guided my career path.

    Hanah gave me clarity on my true Life Purpose and she was also able to tell me where my blockages are. My body were holding me back in particular, which in my case was my solar plexus chakra and without even telling her she knew exactly what was blocked. She is amazing and absolutely right as this was confirmed to me prior by another healer.

    Hanah mentioned that I would be a great healer and recommend that I can learn certain healing modalities such as reiki to help me balance my chakras and energy system so I can be more in alignment in my own energy field.

    I am very thankful for your help and spiritual guidance. I really value and appreciate your time and beautiful energy.

  • Monika Jain

    Hello dear Souls,

    I wanted to share my experience that I had with Hanah on her complimentary Angel / Tarot card readings that she had happening in her Facebook live 2 weeks ago.

    I am extremely impressed with her accurate Intuitive readings and energy work as she was able to tune into my energy field and tell me what chakra was totally out of alignment.

    Hanah provided me with in-depth knowledge and accurate information that it started to give me goose bumps. She didn't know anything about me or what was happening in my life at that very moment.

    Hanah is an absolute beautiful soul inside out.

    I look forward to have a private session with her so I can receive the clarity, guidance and energy healing with her.

    If you are seeking accurate guidance and are seeking to manage any area in your life I highly recommend her.

    The Universe I strongly believe provided me with the answers I needed and I am certain it will send you the guidance that you seek through her.


  • Cherene R

    Hanah!!! Thank you so much for your assistance on this long and winding path of ascension that I am on. The Soul Healings that you’ve provided to me have nourished my entire being from within. I literally feel the light within me glowing!

    The Soul Healings feels like nourishment after starvation to my soul. I feel the genuine love and appreciation from my soul to yours (and even my soul wanting to reconnect with you at other times).

    After seeing you Hanah and being in your presence of high vibrational energy on many occasions I feel empowered, excited, full of gratitude, and more confident and connected to my inner being than ever before - like a spiritual boost!

    I now have clearer communication with my higher heart and can feel when this part of me (my soul/higher heart) is ignited with bliss and happiness or in need of something - separately from my physical being.

    This was not something that I could decipher prior to your soul healings. You are truly a blessing. I am so grateful to have met you and have you share your gifts of healing with me.

    I am so grateful for you.

    Thank you so much.

  • Alexandra Larouche

    Last year was the worst year of my life... or well thought it was. I went through a terrible break up after 5 years of being with at the time my boyfriend on and off.

    The journey was so painful and I felt like I had no life in me as the pain consumed me. My heart felt dead.

    Hanah came in my life at a time where I could no longer keep take the pain.

    Although I was in denial my soul knew it was time to allow LOVE that I so deserved in my life.

    After working with Hanah she helped me manifest my true LOVE in to my physical reality something that I thought would never happen. Hanah shifted my energy and helped me discover a deep part of my self-love journey that I had long abandoned.

    Things began moving exponentially within weeks and now I am happy to say I found the love of my life.

    My love, my best friend, the person that feels like where have you been my entire life. Finally he is here. No words can describe my gratitude.

    Thank you so much Hanah for allowing miracles to unfold in my life when I had given up hope.

    This would have not been possible without you. I am so happy and so in LOVE.

  • Alla

    I've read a lot of spiritual books and attended many seminars and still couldn't find answers to many questions. Sometimes I felt depressed and lost for no reason.

    When I met Hanah she helped me a lot emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, mentally.

    Each time was a treat meeting her. After our sessions I would feel lighter, energetic, more clarity, happier and I always came out with more clearer visions of my goals and the purpose of my life.

    Each session was amazing, we laughed together a lot as the energy was so warm and loving that made me want to see her more often and I was looking forward to see her.

    Hanah thank you so much for your expertise and professional help. I feel 100% better since I started seeing you.

  • Rezarta

    A weeks ago I was having doubts and questioning to myself where is my life headed. I was confused about my love life and very heavy hearted about my professional life.

    I was looking for someone to help guide me so I could get a clearer vision of what I needed to do in my love life, career and my soul purpose.

    I strongly believe nothing happens without a reason, I came across Hanah’s website while in search of clarity and she was warm and wonderful and really listened to me and tuned in energetically and deep ascent healing that brought me the peace of mind, clarity an new perspective on life that I strongly needed.

    Hanah helped me open new doorways to a way of living after by our second session together that in the past I was not able to get this huge transformation.

    The sessions I had with Hanah were professional, profound and life transforming that has allowed me to set new standards for myself.

    After the energy cleansing with Hanah, I was able to rebuild my confidence and to start projects that once I was afraid to.

    Hanah is amazing with her coaching and healing sessions as she made realize that self love is very important before any other relationship.

    I thank you very much, you are a blessing in my life, I wish you all the best in continuing to help those who need to shed light in their SOUL as I continue to work with you with pleasure.

  • Grace Ris

    This wonderful lady will bring out the best in you!

    Hanah is lovely and ready to help, very on point with what you need to hear and what is necessary for our spiritual and soul purpose. She will help you elevate in higher vibrations (ascension). I am so grateful for you.

    Thank you Hanah!

  • Lorna Stephens

    Hanah did an amazing, very powerful very magical ENERGY healing on me. One of the best thing I’ve invested in was her intensive cord cutting sessions in regard to my relationship with my mother-in-law.

    The energy used to be very negative and caused all sorts of problems which consisted of major anxiety and an inauthentic relationship with her.

    But now all that has changed after only one session with Hanah. My mother-in-law and I are now both positive, loving and have a harmonious authentic relationship.

    I highly recommend Hanah if you are ready to have a major ENERGY shift in your life.

    Thank you so much for a profound transformative shift in my relationship.

    “Hi Hanah. I would like to update you with the deep cord cutting session and let me tell you something, your work is truly amazing! ”

  • Fariha Shah

    Hanah is the resident Spiritual Intuit for my radio show. She provides Mani and I, along with our audience with a weekly energy forecast of the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical influences we can expect for the upcoming week. We love our Spiritual Life Coach Hanah Ahmed!!! And highly recommend her for all your healing, energy clearings and spiritual needs.

  • Christie

    Very grateful to be working with Hanah on the path to aligning and connecting me with my soul purpose. The energy work is powerful in clearing & releasing what does not serve me. I feel very comfortable to express to her the blocks, past experiences and fears I have. She's a very kind, compassionate listener. I always feel so blessed & grateful to be receiving her magic. This is truly her gift and Specialty, I love it.

  • Gina Lobert

    I had an Akashic Records session with Hanah.
    I was concerned about my business and within days I started to notice positive shifts occur in my life. I have suddenly started meeting new people, negotiating business agreements and I have gained clarity to once what felt like I was stuck. I have gained a new perspective and I am able to move forward with my projects flawlessly.

    Hanah is an amazingly gifted individual with a strong intuitive sense. She asks the right questions which guided me to release blockages and any self-limiting beliefs I had.

    It was a pleasure working with Hanah. She is warm and thoroughly professional.

  • Nav Singh

    Prior to reaching out to Hanah, I was such a mess. At that point in my life I had no idea what to do with myself. I came across her website and reached out to her as a cry for help. We started by doing a reading in order to determine what my next steps should be. She did an outstanding job with my reading, the information was accurate. Toward the end of the reading its like she felt the pain and my cry for help; she did a deep cord cutting and soul healing on me to give me some sort of relief. I went from having nightmares, not being able to sleep, stressing, all this negative energy that I have stored in me for years to waking up the next morning with nothing triggering me emotionally. My days have been positive and I am doing good with life. Of course from that moment on I knew I needed to continue on receiving healings done on me asap in order to regain my life back.

    Hanah actually reached out to me to follow up and see how I was doing, that was the best thing that has ever happened to me after everything I was going through.

    I felt like I was loved and cared for. She built such a trusting professional relationship with me that I know I can trust her to help me and I feel protected and safe around her.

    During the healing the amazing feeling of actually being able to feel all the negativity getting sucked out of me is so amazing. I have only done 3 sessions thus far and I can honestly say that I’m starting to feel like a new person.

    The healing started off very generic as I started doing more sessions Hanah got into more depth of what is inside of me that needs to be released.

    I strongly recommend Hanah!!

    She is such a beautiful soul that touched my heart.

  • Erica M

    Hanah has been doing healings for me for over a year now. I am very impressed with the information that she reveals to me during our coaching sessions. She is very accurate and on point with very detailed description and action steps to help me with on my journey.I highly recommend her healings and coaching to you.
    Thank you Hanah for all that you do.

  • Charu

    Hanah is a rock star.

    After working with Hanah and her phenomenal energy, I have to say my life is transformed. I am speechless, wondering how she was able to offer such pinpoint accuracy and be so consistent.

    It was mind blowing! She’s thorough, yet positive and calm. Her professionalism combined with her generous spirit and loving personality are the perfect recipe for everything you need in a coach. It's because of all the above qualities her reputation is stellar amongst those that know her.

    If you’re thinking about up levelling your LOVE life and SOUL PURPOSE business and deep Ascension healing with Hanah, I have two words for you: DO IT!!!

    Hanah is always able to coach me and guide me every single time and she gives me exactly what I need, whether it’s encouragement for my path that I’m on, or a slight course in my corrections to get me closer to achieving my goal.

    Hanah doesn’t give one carnival predictions, she gives you clarity about LIFE.

    She can look at a situation and see the truth about it, and even if it’s not what I want to hear, she manages to present it in a positive way!

    It's AMAZING how accurate everything she said has turned out. Things unfolded exactly as she said they would and it just reinforced my belief that Hanah is simply amazing.

    I keep going back to her for more and I know you will too.

  • Sara Bashir

    I think Hanah is one of the best medium I have received readings from. I’ve had readings with other mediums but they have never been as spot on as Hanah.

    She has told me truth about my situation regardless if it is good or bad. I trust her with her readings as she answers my questions with honesty. I will definitely keep coming back to her for my future readings. Because of her honesty I have all the answers I need to know to move on from my situation. Thanks Hanah.

  • Margarita

    Hanah’s intuitive reading was open heartedly inspirational!

    It created an opportunity for me to reflect within and to better understand all aspects of my life that I have contemplating on for some time.

    Thank you Hanah for your lovely spirit in guiding me through this journey through to myself reflection and renewed clarity.

  • RM

    Hanah is very gifted. I have had several readings from her and she is always spot on. She is very professional, pleasant charismatic and very personable. She will put you at ease. Thank You Hanah always for your insight, advice and keeping me balanced. I always look forward to my readings with Hanah and seeing what’s next for me in my journey of life.

  • DL

    I have been receiving Energy Healing from Hanah for sometime now. Her persona is remarkable as she puts me at ease every time I met with her. Hanah did a Life Activation on me and my life transformed where I was able to get more energy, clarity and switch my career to what my life purpose is. I feel so much better that my life has transformed.

  • Tony

    I was referred to Hanah by my wife after I saw a huge positive change in my wife. I too decided to get a Life Activation and I feel more energetic, positive and my life has a flow where before I was simply trying to just survive the day. My life has more meaning now that I have a purpose.

    Thank you Hanah for showing me the Light.

  • Aaron

    Hanah has a fantastic energy about her.

    Just being in her presence brings a calming peace to anyone being around her. Hanah is highly intuitive and her instincts empower her to make a difference for others. During my Life Activation she helped lift a lot of weight of my shoulders. Thanks to that, I have a new life free from constraints from the past.

  • Nick

    I was recently referred to Hanah. I was not sure what to expect, she took her time to explain how the process works as well as the different levels of healing services that she offers which made me feel good to know that she had a wide range of ways to offer me the right guidance, counsel and even give me the answers I was seeking through energy she is able to call upon from the universe.

    I felt the time we spent together was well worth it in all aspects with information and her level of knowledge.

    By the end of our session I felt I was able to move forward with a new direction and purpose. My experience has been different than what I have encountered in the past.

    I suggest for anyone who is unsure or feeling blocked energetically in certain areas in their lives such as Financial, love and health to name a few to see Hanah.

    Her reading and guidance allows you to keep your identity and at the same time allows you to make adjustments along the way in your life.

    You have to have a open mind and be willing to believe.

  • MB

    I recently had a card reading done by Hanah. She was very warm and welcoming and quickly put me at ease. The insight she gave me was genuine, authentic and provided me with some much needed guidance and clarity. I highly reccomend her services.

  • SS

    I highly recommend Hanah’s spiritual services. She created a warm, friendly, comfortable and positive environment which put me at ease. Her readings are accurate. Hanah goes the extra mile to answer your questions and any concerns. She resonates great positive energy and genuine intuitive guidance. I would definitely go back to see her to seek assistance for the other services that she provides. Thank you Hanah for an amazing experience.

  • Nina G

    Hanah Ahmed, you are one special, amazing and loving Angel. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. Everyone needs to know Hanah! She gifted me with an intuitive reading, that still has my head spinning. AND based on the reading her coaching and support is opening my awareness to my Soul Purpose and who I am meant in this life time. She helped me find LOVE, PEACE and TRANSFORMED my life!

Soul Purpose Activator & Business Ascension Strategist