Healing your core wounds is such an important part of the Twin Flame journey, whether you reunite with your twin or not.

In this 2-day healing retreat, you get to work with my personal healing team, which will help you remove all your blocks to inner and outer union. This powerfully aligns you to manifest your heart’s desire.

Although sacred union at times may take longer to appear than the heart would like, working on your inner wounds also helps you’re Twin Flame get the healing which helps unlocks the karmic blockages that could be the driven force that is holding you back from experiencing the love that awaits you. Reviving your inner goddess is crucial for you to create your Heaven on Earth with or without your Twin Flame. Your romance story with your beloved is the cherry on top, however, unleashing your divine calling and bringing yourself to serve humanity and mother earth in a higher consciousness is the true essence of this sacred union.

In these eight intense healing days we will help you tap into the authentic you and encourage you to step into the highest expression of yourself fully. It’s often when you start emitting your true core frequency, your twin comes rushing back to you. Because their pulling back was never meant to be more than a means to trigger the mutual inner wounding that was keeping you apart.

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