Feeling drained and burnt out from working in a job that seems to dim the light in your Soul?

Are ready to do more meaningful work that lights you up while up-leveling and scaling your Business as you earn $10K or more consistent months doing what you love?

Are you ready to transform your life and the lives of others through your DIVINE gifts and get fully compensated for your work?

You are in a job that leaves you feeling like you just can’t take it anymore. 

The office politics and the commute are draining the eff out of you. 

It’s costing you EVERYTHING to the point you are having sleepless nights and you are totally OVER IT!

You are looking for a new way to make money while you follow your HEART vision and share your message with the WORLD.

You desire the FREEDOM to travel when you want, to spend more time with your family and crave a deeper connection to your spiritual self, because surely there’s more to life than this humdrum existence.


  • Feeling lonely, lost and not able to get your vision in alignment to being an empowered powerful QUEEN who is encouraged and supported to be your best version.
  • Clearing out family DRAMA and opening the way for infinite receiving to release the pain as you return to your full power as a conscious manifesting QUEEN.
  • Worrying about money and bills to enjoying the freedom and comforts that come with an abundance of wealth as you create and sell your first high-end package!
  • Designing a business strategy that allows you to experience PLEASURE, ENERGY and JOY while you establish residual cash flowso you can run your business and your life without being a burnt-out mess!
  • Wake up every morning connected to your LIFE Purpose as you multiply your income with feminine POWER.
  • Shift from feeling like you can’t take stress of the work overload and the politics anymore, like every day is a drudgery to executing action steps that align with your authentic self, where you get to take charge of your life on your own terms.
  • You are activated by your SOUL Purpose, you are now in alignment to establish your very own signature talk, products and vision with your life purpose and passions. You have your zest for life back!
  • You live with conviction and have a clear plan on where you are going. Say ‘good bye’ to confusion and doubt!
  • Your inner light is beaming, you have your sparkle back and the world looks brighter. You know your place in the world and have ditched playing small and got back into the driver’s seat. You are your own boss, and it feels incredible.
  • You've healed resentments and fear blocks holding you back and made space to create a divine story to live into that lights you up!
  • Let go from feeling suffocated, you can stay in this space, you can stay in this Groundhog Day over and over or you can make a life changing decision RIGHT NOW to follow what you know is calling to your sassy self.


  • Custom Tailored 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Create a Signature System that helps you sell your program
  • Up to date Marketing Strategies to help you Monetize your Business
  • How to build a Social Media Following 
  • How to Find Your Ideal Clients
  • How to have Consistent Cash Flow 
  • How to Speak To Your Ideal Clients Through Content Creation
  • How to Speak To Your Ideal Clients From Stage (Virtually / Stage)
  • Decode your MONEY beliefs instantly for a sustaining soul aligned business 
  • Tap into your magnificent superpower that leads you to magnetize your ideal clients 
  • Monetize your business effortlessly without the hustle mentality 
  • Awaken your divine gifts that leads you to your sacred soul's blueprint 
  • Connect with your inner QUEEN within you as you consciously become aware of your deep-rooted ancient gifts that lead you to deeper awareness, happinesssuccess, and an abundant life
  • Shift old paradigms into new beliefs to attract the life you desire
  • Unleash Your Quantum Money Access Key 
  • Take back power of your life instantly without the fear transformative quantum leaps 
  • Discover your SOUL PURPOSE MISSION
  • Blueprint Map to your SOUL PURPOSE business strategy 
  • Say good bye to a job that drains your SOUL MISSION and get in alignment with your DIVINE GIFTS and get compensated well 
























Cherene Randel

Hanah!!! Thank you so much for your assistance on this long and winding path of ascension that I am on. The Soul  Purpose Coaching and Ascension Energy Healings that you’ve provided to me have awakened me to a whole new level of awareness where I feel so well nourished emotionally, spiritually and my entire being from within. I literally feel the light within me glowing!

The Soul Purpose Coaching Sessions feels like nourishment after starvation to my soul. I feel the genuine love and appreciation from my soul to yours (and even my soul wanting to reconnect with you at other times).

After seeing you Hanah and being in your presence of high vibrational energy on many occasions I feel empowered, excited, full of gratitude, and more confident and connected to my inner being than ever before - like a spiritual boost and so excited to venture onto my Soul Purpose Business!amd get compensated for my Divine Gifts!

I now have clearer communication with my higher heart and can feel when this part of me (my soul/higher heart) is ignited with bliss and happiness or in need of something - separately from my physical being.

This was not something that I could decipher prior to your soul healings. You are truly a blessing. I am so grateful to have met you and have you share your gifts of Soul Purpose Coaching and Ascension Healing with me.

I am so grateful for you.  Thank you so much.

Grace Ris

This wonderful lady will bring out the best in you!

Hanah is lovely and ready to help, very on point her Soul Purpose Business Strategy and she is very authentic and tells you what you need to hear for your advancement that is necessary for our spiritual growth and soul purpose development. Hanah, helped me discover what my Soul Purpose is and how to be in alignment with my Soul Work as I stopped hiding and playing small and took my power back.  Hanah, will help you as she has helped me discover my true calling that brings peace to my soul. I feel so elevated and I am in awe always feeling in higher vibrations (ascension) after our coaching sessions. I am so grateful for you.

Thank you Hanah!

Lorna Stephens

Hanah did an amazing, very powerful very magical ENERGY healing on me. One of the best things I’ve invested in.

The energy used to be very negative and caused all sorts of problems which consisted of major anxiety and an inauthentic relationship.

But now all that has changed after my sessions with Hanah. I am now more positive, loving and harmonious as I am now authentic with myself as I am living my Soul Purpose and getting compensated for what i do.

I highly recommend Hanah if you are ready to have a major ENERGY shift in your life and live Soul Purpose Coaching.

Thank you so much for a profound transformative shift in my life.

“Hi Hanah. I would like to update you with the deep cord cutting session and let me tell you something, your work is truly amazing!”

Fariha Shah

Hanah is the resident Spiritual Intuit for my radio show. She provides our radio show staff, along with our audience with a weekly energy forecast of the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical influences we can expect for the upcoming week. We love our Spiritual Life Coach Hanah Ahmed!!! And highly recommend her for Soul Purpose Business Coaching, Ascension Healings, Karmic Energy Clearings and Intuitive Spiritual Guidance is always so accurate. 


Very grateful to be working with Hanah on the path to aligning and connecting me with my Soul Purpose Business. The energy work she uses in her Soul Purpose Coaching is so powerful and she seems to amaze me each session with her intuitive gifts, coaching and deep energy clearing that help me in releasing and having huge quantum leaps in my business and personal relationships.  I feel very comfortable to express to her the blocks, past experiences and fears I have. She's a very kind, compassionate listener. I always feel so humbled, blessed & full of grateful to be receiving her magic. This is truly her gift and Specialty, I love it.

Deborah Lobert

I was concerned about my business and within days of working with Hanah I noticed positive shifts occur in my business and other areas of my life. I have suddenly started meeting new people, negotiating business agreements and I have gained clarity to once what felt like I was stuck in. I have gained a new perspective and I am able to move forward with my projects flawlessly. Hanah is an amazingly gifted individual with her Intuitive gifts, Energy Healing and her Soul Purpose Business Coaching really helped me become a published author with Hay House! Hanah, asks the right questions which has lead me to release blockages and any self-limiting beliefs I once had.

3 Months Plan

Monetize Your Brilliance- Consistent $10K Plus Months

Get compensated $10K Plus Months while doing more meaningful SOUL work.

Is a powerful and transformative experience that balances your inner world and aligns you with your soul’s blueprint, universal laws, and principals. This powerful, uplifting and divine program is designed to help you learn your sacred soul wisdom, knowledge and techniques that will empower people worldwide to align their soul with their divine calling, life purpose and deeper connections with your higher self to help heal and elevate your vibration energetically while healing your physical body.


What I offer: Soul Purpose Business Strategy | Business Ascension Coaching

Connect with Hanah Ahmed, #1 International Best Selling Author, Soul Purpose Business Strategist, Manifestation and Quantum Success Coach,based in Toronto, Ontario to learn how you can get compensated consistently monthly as you Monetize Your Brilliance & Unlock Your Genius.

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