Calling in Your Twin Flame

Has your Twin Flame, the Love Of Your Life withdrawn from you and you want that spark and magic back?

The veil between heaven and earth is thinning.Many people are awakening to their divine calling and their authentic selves. People are becoming more aware that there is a mission that needs to take place here on Mother Earth through their participation to raise and elevate their consciousness which elevates the consciousness of mother Gaia, the ancestral mother of all life.

More people recognize the restlessness of their soul and yearn for a deeper, satisfying connection in a relationship and their divine calling. When you meet your Twin Flame, the soul remembers your authentic self, and many revelations and memories from this life and previous past lives begin to unfold wanting to be with your one and only Twin Flame / Soulmate.

If you are searching for the “ONE”, this workshop is for you! This is about giving unconditional love to yourself, to raise your energetic vibration, unconditional love, to reawaken and rediscover a deep ascension through healing and rituals and Divine Goddess you were meant to be and ultimately attract the love of your life.

Soulmate Attraction & Twin Flame Coaching by Life Purpose Coach Hanah Ahmed
Soul Purpose Activator & Business Ascension Strategist